A-Z list of gemstone and their healing abilities

Here is a brief list of stones and their healing abilities from A-Z.  Try one stone at a time or try putting together a couple to heal what ails you. Just remember to be sure to clear them before you wear them!

As you read on you will notice the word FEAR please keep this in mind as you read: FEAR stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. What is your perception of the situation? Is it reality or is it FEAR based?


Actinolite- This is a dark green stone helpful when taking action to manifest your purpose. It aids in indecision, hesitation, fear of moving forward and lack of confidence in your abilities; Promotes calm steady change and focus.

Aegerine- Is a black or dark green stone used for protection against psychic attack, repels negative forces, enhances self-esteem and self-worth, while calming centering and grounding you.

Agate (blue lace) – this blue and white stone encourages self expression and speaking out. It helps us feel validated in speaking our emotional truths, clears the throat chakra, aids sore throats, laryngitis and hoarseness. It offers courage when feeling shy ad discourages self-effacement.

Agate (brown bostswana) – A brown and white stone that is great for meditation, due to its ability to ground and balance your psychic abilities. It heals fear, grief and hopelessness, aids in insomnia, and provides comfort and a feeling of security.

Agate-(pink botswana) – this pink and white stone effects your heart like ripples on a calm clear lake; ripples are sent out to heal and nourish old pain and feeling of despair and heartache. It offers calming comfort and security while easing stress and promoting unconditional self-love.

Agate (luna) – A purple and white stone that supports those who are new to the spiritual path by gently opening psychic abilities and a new way of living and thinking. This stone promotes forward thinking without the feeling of being overwhelmed. Aids moon meditations and women’s moon cycles.

Agate (moss)- This green or brown and clear stone helps make us more conscious of our life’s purpose, aids in our ability to walk our talk and helps when feeling nauseous or not grounded.

Agate (red brown) – A brown and orange stone that calms the belly chakra and eases sexual cravings when they are intense.  It is healing to our emotions by calms and stabilizes them until we fee peaceful again. It also helps PMS, cramps and brings on menstrual flow.

Ajoite (thymus) – A blue and white stone that aids in connecting us with the divine feminine. It promotes our awareness and connection to our individual Goddesses raising self-image, self-respect and self-worth. Supports in healing emotional issues of rape, incest recovery, grief anger and loss.

Amazonite (aqua)- this pale aqua stone helps us manifest our ideas and concepts, supports acting, speaking, singing , writing and the ability to easily express yourself.

Amber (golden)- this brown/gold stone stabilizes  and promotes mental and emotional strength. It shields against other’s pain in healing work, protects against psychic attack or draining and is highly calming.

Amethyst (chevron) – A dark purple stone known to awaken one’s spiritual and psychic abilities; It promotes a new awareness of yourself as a spiritual being but works on a physical level of awakening.

Amethyst – A light purple stone that calms and stabilizes opens all chakras clears negative energies and promotes a knowing that all will be OK.

Apache Gold- A black stone that promotes sensitivity to the earth’s magnetism, energy and resonance; it creates greater earth awareness and earth healing; aids in intuition, and prevents burnout. Very grounding and calming.

Aquamarine (aqua)- Provides intense physical, emotional and karmic release due to its ability to connect all the kundalini channels and chakras. It aids in connection with spirit guides and angels and encourages spiritual and psychic awareness while healing and repairing your soul on all levels.

Aventurine (green)- Promotes your ability to open your heart to others and trust life’s process.  Reduces FEAR and soothes physical and emotional heart pain; promotes a sense of safety and security; Supports adventures in love and travel.


Blackstone – not to be confused with black onyx or black jade, this stone has a matte finish, and heals grief on all levels. It promotes comfort, acceptance Universal Oneness- knowledge that we are all connected.

Black Obsidian – This stone heals one’s past lives to heal the present and future. It heals our Karmic patterns so we can create a better future.

Black Onyx- Promotes mediumship and psychic contact with those who have passed on to share messages with loved ones; heals grief that has gone on for an extended period of time and supports the feeling of being loved, watched over by guardian angels and being protected by the Light.


Carnelian (orange or peach)- This stone aids in creativity of all sorts; elevates moods and provides support for all women’s reproductive challenges; supports the mother-child bond and eases PMS. It also helps promote a healthy respect for a woman’s own sexuality.

Chalcedony (blue)-Promotes peaceful assertiveness, well-being and meditation. Great for performers, this stone is wonderful in healing throat issues and your ability to peacefully speak your mind.

Chrysocolla (Thymus)- A wonderful stone for releasing grief, sadness or fear and aids in creating greater feelings of joy, certainty  and peace by helping you let go, surrender the pain and release your worries to the universe. Supports emotional healing from rape, incest, mastectomy, hysterectomy and reduces inflammation.

Citrine (natural gold)- Supports tissue regeneration; cleanses and detoxifies the entire emotional body; offers spinal balancing on the meridian energy levels. Also eases urinary, kidney and digestive challenges.

Coral (blue)- Calms, stabilizes and reduces fear and insecurity. Helps to heal your relationship to your inner child; aids in understanding of children and learning to play with children as an adult. Also helps heal women who suffered through incest as a child.

Coral (red/orange)- Promotes a healthy conception and pregnancy by healing the ovaries and fallopian tubes and stimulating ovulation.  Helps adults struggling with inner child challenges, adoption as a child and helps create strong mother-daughter bond.


Diamond (Clear)-A diamond promotes the connection with spirit guides and anchor’s a spiritual union with one’s mate.  It promotes harmony and balance in a marriage, and even retains the marriage’s karmic imprint even after the relationship or wearer’s life has run out.

Dolomite (pink)- this stone helps your physical body metabolize calcium, opens the heart to trusting yourself and promotes inner confidence and certainty;  Also reduces insomnia and night fears.


Emerald (green)- this stone detoxifies negative emotions from your aura and fabulous for cleansing held onto and repressed emotions.

Euclase (blue)- Helps you to speak out and release that which is “choking” you; Promotes speaking your truth tactfully and honoring your inner truth.


Feldspar (peach)- Encourages feminine energy and aids in honoring yourself as a woman; promotes self-respect, self-esteem.

Fluorite (clear)- This amazing stone promotes access into the subconscious mind; promotes telepathic contact with other people and can be used to heal the mental body as well as reprograms negative thought patterns.

Fluorite (green)- Helps the mind to release emotional trauma, aids in visualization and meditation, promotes emotional release and aids in integrating multiple personalities

Fluorite (yellow) – stimulates, clears and heals all powers of the mind – intellect, visualization, psychic ability and psychic healing.

Fossil (black/brown)-The beautiful spiral of a fossil will remind us of the sacred path we all follow in our lifetime while supporting us with our meditation, contact with our spirit guides  and in helping us understand more clearly where and when to take our next step.

Fuchsite (light green)- This amazing little stone collects the emotions for purging and release enabling you to cleanse, repair and purify the tears and whole in the belly chakra. Fabulous for nausea.

Fool’s Gold (Galena)- A silver metallic stone used for discerning the truth from a lie; reality from fantasy and grounds us into actively seeking that which is real.


Garnet (yellow-brown/orange)- Promotes the development one’s your life’s purpose as well as calms, stabilizes and centers you; aids in psychic development.

Garnet (red)- Warms , grounds and directs energy into the root chakra, drawing the earth energy into the body. Promotes sexuality and fertility; draws your sexual soul mate and promotes a monogamous and stabile marriage.

Gaspaite (brown/green) – The little gem aids in moving forward on your life’s path, removes barriers, hesitation and self-consciousness. Releases FEAR and brings about a feeling of more certainty with yourself and your ability to make positive changes; supports spiritual and soul growth.

Gold- Promotes psychic and mental analysis without emotion builds the immune system; stimulates positive assertiveness and initiative; provides masculine energy.


Halite- rids you of negative energy, negative thought patterns and aids in changing bad habits; Clears blockages to psychic abilities.

Hawk’s Eye (black/silver)- transforms negative energy into positive and helps you see what is wrong so you have the power to change it.

Hematite (metallic black)-Promotes powerful grounding by healing the magnetic polarities of your energy system and enabling healing.

Howlite (white/grey) –Unmasks illusion in your life and exposes the truth.  It tears down false realities and refuses one truth to create another and can create a negative or positive escape – depending on your intention.


Iolite ( Indigo)- Gently opens and expands your psychic abilities; fabulous for those new on the spiritual path and looking to enhance their connection to The Spirit.


Jade (black) promotes respect for the unification of all life; earth healing and environmental awareness and encourages compassion for all lives on the planet especially animals, plants, insects, and so on.

Jade (green)- Frees one of anger and selfishness; aids those on the path towards enlightenment, soothes the emotions and promotes calm acceptance of the suffering in life. Supports the hips and kidneys and opens us to compassion for all Be-ings on the planet, not just humans.

Jasper (yellow)- Supports the Buddhist path to enlightenment and all other spiritual paths; helps in overcoming the ego and promotes a heightened awareness of compassion; calms the mind, reduces stress and aids in healing the digestive and urinary systems.

Jasper (brown/orange)- Helps in healing trauma from recreational  or prescriptive drugs, alcohol use, FEAR, physical pain and psychic attacks; aids in filtering out negative thought forms from yourself and others; wonderful in helping you create boundaries.

Jasper (black/off-white)- a grounding stone that “turns off” psychic awareness to prevent the feeling of being overwhelmed with psychic input; protects against bad dreams. Not a strong healing or protective stone so good stone to be used in conjunction with another or for a “light” touch.

Jasper (green)-Provides inner peace, inner growth, luck, prosperity and good fortune; encourages gentle progressive positive changes to help you manifest abundance in your life. Heals anger and supports the kidneys.

Jasper (brown tan)-This stone offer you protection as you manifest and fulfill your life’s’ purpose. Provides protection and security and aids in grounding, concentration and greater stabilization.


Kinoite (blue)- Helps you to thinks speak and feel in positive ways; supports people with throat dis-easaes, throat cancers, and mental challenges.

Kornerupine (dark green)- Grounds the over use of psychic energy and brings calm and balance into your life; provides emotional support ,  as well as support for blood circulation, heart rhythm & red blood cell production; encourages compassion for yourself and for others.

Kunzite (purple) aids in contact with the angels, spirit guides and Lords of Karma; promotes spiritual awareness, openness and balance between past and present lives; Protects against psychic attack and promotes safety, security, trust and inner peace.


Labradorite (yellow/ gold)- If you have the  tendency to subject yourself to the manipulation of other’s  this stone aids in reducing co-dependency; heals confusion and indecision, courage, clarity and concentration; a great stone to promote having the strength to take back your freedom.

Lapis Lazuli (blue)- A very powerful stone that provides deep penetration to heal outdated  and toxic thought patterns; changes negative views of reality to create a more positive outlook and provides a very powerful all healing energy. It’s recommended to combine this with Amethyst or Rose Quartz to buffer it’s intensity.

Larimar (white and blue)- A beautiful stone that helps soul mates find and locate each other; opens honest communication and promotes speaking and listening with awareness making sure to put the other and the relationship first. A stone that offers calm certainty and opens creativity (also called dolphin stone or pectolite).

Lazulite (dark blue)- Clears the throat; enables you to speak out and speak your truth.

Limonite (brown)- protects your solar plexus from jealous people as well as envy and psychic attacks; filters and balances energy.


Malachite (green and black)-Brings things out from within; releases negative and painful emotions’ releases and clears old traumas from both past and present lives; supports those in psychotherapy and emotional recovery processes willing to do deep work ; detox’s liver and gall bladder on the emotional level; recommended to use in small doses as this is a powerful stone and the process of healing may be uncomfortable if used for long periods of time.

Marcasite (silver)- For those with psychic abilities, this stone helps with clairvoyance, expands your psychic visions and aids in the removal of spirit attachments, possessions and protects you from negative energy while doing your work.

Moonstone (blue)- Promotes psychic communication with all beings, honoring yourself as part of the Goddess; aids psychic healing and psychic hearing; focuses on psychic abilities of empathy and telepathy, sending and receiving.

Moonstone –Rainbow (white)-  A very fragile stone susceptible to destruction from negative energies, this stone draws psychic attacks to the itself  and will then shatter and “die” often becoming dark and lifeless. It supports all psychic work including channeling and healing. Please note that Rainbow Moonstone is actually white Labradorite.

Mother of Pearl (off white/tan) – Calms and soothes you physically as well as emotionally, insulating you against irritants such as crowds, creating a feeling of safety;  Aids in receiving the comfort of the Light.

Mother of Pearl (off white)- Soothing to people in life challenging situations such as death, surgery or sickness;  brings a feeling of calm and comfort  while reducing stress and FEAR during a crisis or urgent situation. Promotes the seeing of everything in a positive reality and a knowledge that everything will be okay; Supports the lymphatic and immune systems.


Nuumite (black)- helps promote insight and intuition; regenerates and aids in the healing of the eyes.


Obsidian- reduces and stabilizes panic states and FEAR; promotes the ability to flow with life, bringing about a feeling that everything will be alright.

Opal (blue)- Aids in expressing repressed emotions; aids in understanding karmic patterns so they can be released and clears the throat on all levels.


Paint Stone (red/tan) – a very grounding stone that connects the wearer with the Earth Goddesses Gaia, Demeter or to the Old One; it honors femininity, creation, fertility and helps girls through their first menses as well as aiding them in adjusting to being a woman.

Pearl (white)- a favorite  water element stone of many famous women through history, this stone soothes and heals negativity and struggle in your life; it heals negative thoughts and thought patterns  as well as the annoying negative inner voices; strengthens nerves, the adrenal glands, the spleen and muscle tissue;  and  helps us get in touch with the simple, honest things of life. According to folklore, pearls were formed by when angels passed through heavenly clouds. This little beauty if formed by a single coarse grain of sand that over time transforms into a treasure we all can admire.

Pecos Diamond (orange)- Transforms anger or rage to understanding; helps heal past sexual abuse, emotional abuse  and rape or battering; heals your inner child and encourages compassion for yourself.

Peridot (yellow/orange)-Supports the detoxification of the liver, kidneys, bladder, gall bladder and stomach; aids in healing ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome and kidney infections; promotes emotional balance by the process of emotional release to more comfortable levels.

Pumice (pink)-Aids in emotional healing, recovery and pain of old wounds; eases the abrasiveness in your life and opens your heart, creating more vulnerability and gentleness within, to give to others and allow them to get close to you as well.

Pyrite (metallic gold)- Promotes a higher level energy for manifesting and promotes greater stability when receiving energy without becoming scattered or stressed. Enables you to receive in abundance  your earthly desires while uplifting you and grounding you at the same time.


Quartz (black)- Psychic protection preventing negative energies from entering your aura or your chakras whether deliberate or accidental. Grounds and insulates you.

Quartz (tan/clear)- If you are feeling hesitant to move forward with your life this stone is for you. It supports you in your efforts to manifest a more positive lifestyle and taking action in accomplishing your goals, eases inflexibility, stubbornness and procrastination; Supports bones, hips legs and knees.

Quartz (clear)- Clears negativity  on all levels, filling your chakras with Light helping to speed healing; supports  healing of all emotional and physical dis-eases. Promotes and intensifies spiritual expansion and awareness; aids in enlightenment.

Quartz (clear or red)- Promotes love of life and activates the root chakra; Encourages joy, laughter, love, sexuality and fertility.

Quartz (pink)- Promotes self love, self–esteem and positive body image enabling you to open yourself up to Goddess within. Aids you in learning to feel your emotions, eases loneliness and heartache while also promoting inner peace and  self acceptance.

Quartz (brown)- Otherwise known as Smokey Quartz, this grounding stone promotes security, stability and safety.  It heals FEAR, depression, addictions, obsessions and spaciness.


Rhodochrosite (pink/yellow)- Releases guilt “the Cross of St. Michael”, suffering from past lives and chronic self-blame; Enables you to receive love, joy and healing all digestive issues including ulcers.

Ruby (red)-Eases physical coldness, weakness, chronic blood dis-eases, chronic fatigue, low vitality and burnout by intensifying your life force energy in your root chakra.

Saganite (red/brown) – Aids mothers in becoming a better parent and promotes certainity and ease in accomplishing one’s life purpose.

Salmonite (tan/beige)- Clears energy blockages in the knees and helps in moving forward in life, by easing in your resistance to FEAR. Aids in increasing circulation, healing varicose veins, frostbite and arthritic knees.

Soapstone ( white)- Promotes easier visualization abilities and in creating a visualized reality, aids in creativity and sculpting- helps those who work with their hands finish the projects they begin.

Sodalite (blue/white) – This is a wonderful stone that can help you let go of control and trust in the process of life,it balances the pituitary glands and supports healing of the lymphatic system as well as nerve endings, vision nerves and the central nervous system as a whole. It also helps new psychics feel more comfortable in their abilities and clam’s their fear associated to their abilities.

Sugilite (purple/black)- Releases and heals hostility, despair and discouragment; balances the left and right brain hemispheres and eases dyslexia, epilepsy and strokes.

Tanzanite (blue/violet)- Opens and awareness of the comparison between how one lives and how one could choose to live more consciously;promotes and interest in metaphysics and a more spiritual lifestyle.

Tiger Eye (gold/brown) -Makes you invisible to negative energy attacks and returns the energy back to its sender and protects travelers from having accidents.

Topaz (blue)- Supports you in feeling your true  and real feelings, honoring those feelings and letting go of anger and resentment to be released and turned over to the Light for healing.

Topaz (yellow)- Stabilizes all life changes and balances energy flowing through the central nervous system.

Tourmaline (pink/green) – Helps us feel comfortable in reaching out and trusting others; promotes self-trust, unconditional self-love, eases past abuse from self or others and opens the heart chakra to receive and feel Light’s love.

Turquoise (blue)- Helps us develop inner strength and calm while connecting us to a greater spiritual awareness that heals present and past life blockages in the throat chakra. Opens and clears the Thymus, supports the immune system.


Unakite (pink/green)-  Clears the belly chakra of old toxic emotions and pain; forces transformation of negativity through awareness and fosters a positive relationship with all of life; promotes compassion.


Vanadinite (orange)- Offers emotional support and physical healing for uterine fibroids, endometriosis, PMS and other feminine health challenges.


Wonderstone (orange/tan)- Heals the wounded inner child and helps find the positive stored in our belly chakra;opens and reinforces good memories and the positive in general; as if seeing the world through the eyes of a child.


Zircon (clear)- Reminds us of the oneness of all of life enabling us to have greater appreciation of all peoples, cultures and religions or spiritual beliefs. Helps if you have been discriminated against by healing your emotional body against the misogyny, racism, homophobia and any other forms of vicitimization; promotes positive self-love and self respect, as well as love and respect for all.


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